Kefan Optics originated in Kuwait in 1978 when Abdul Mohsin Al Sabih and Ali Essa Al Wazzan setup operations in Kaifan Cooperative Society as a single family owned branch and have since grown into a regional powerhouse. Kefan Optics prides itself on its name and reputation for integrity, quality, luxury and service. After having established a strong presence in the region through its retail chain located across Kuwait through its unique Nikon Ophthalmic Factory with a variety of distribution centers across the region offering the highest level of customer satisfaction and industry-leading service.


Kefan Optics operates in a continuously growing manner.

The latest in fashion and styles, a Nikon Ophthalmic Lens Factory with cutting edge technology, ophthalmic instruments, eye testing units and color contact lenses and retail branches stretched across the region; all contributing to the broad portfolio. This is Kefan Optics, a pioneer in the Middle Eastern Region optical industry.

Kefan Optics is distinguished from the market by the continual drive to provide consumers with the best goods and services.



Having taken over the family business from his father Abdul Mohsin Al Sabih; Wael helped to grow this small family-owned business into a retail powerhouse stretching across the Middle East region.

Mr. Wael Al-Sabih

Mr. Hussain

Being directly involved in the business on ground level has given Hussain the edge on executing his expansion plans throughout the Middle Eastern region making Kefan Optics one of the sought after retail brands.

Mr. Hussain Al-Wazzan

Vice President
Mrs. Mona

Armed with a degree in Business Administration in Organizational Management from the United States, Mona relocated to Kuwait in 2007 and joined Kefan Optics a year later as Customer and Tech Services Manager. Her expertise comes from over 20+ years of experience with prominent American companies in the field of optical and retail management and has achieved much success as the Director of Operations.

Mrs. Mona Alnazer

Director of Operations

A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.

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