Nikon Optical Middle East

When Kefan Optics decided to establish a world-class ophthalmic lens manufacturing plant they approached Nikon for their support and products.

Commissioned in 2005, the Nikon state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is spread across 3000 square meters. It is carefully monitored and regulated by Nikon France and Nikon Japan. The lenses manufactured in this plant adhere to Nikon’s uncompromising manufacturing standards by using the most advanced clean-room and climate-controlled technology and highly-skilled technicians.The plant produces and distributes more than 300,000 spectacle lenses a year.​

In May 2015, Kefan Optics and Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd announced a joint venture to provide the latest in ophthalmic lens technology to the Middle East region. The joint venture combines the global resources and expertise of Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd and the trusted leaders in the Middle East region in optics, Kefan Optics. The joint venture will operates under the name Nikon Optical Middle East WLL and is based in Kuwait in the Nikon Ophthalmic Factory. The joint venture will capitalize on the global reputation and expertise of Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd and the local familiarity and consumer trust of Kefan Optics in the region.

Optical Supplies

Kefan Optics also owns shares in Optical Supplies Co. who specialize in the distribution of Ophthalmic Instruments, Eye Testing Units and Equipments, Workshop Tools and Spare Parts, Eye Care Supplements and Color Contact Lenses.

One of the main trademarks of Optical Supplies is the Bella Color Lenses whose popularity has risen in recent years due to its celebrity brand ambassadors Kim Kardashian, Hussa Lougani, Zeinab Al Askari and Halima Poland and its intriguing color selections. The Bella portfolio continues to grow and its demand is reaching globally in outside markets.